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I’m sure that the saying always used to be never bring a knife to a gun fight…….maybe they were wrong. Interesting reflection on how quickly the gap closes in a real fight and how relying on a concealed weapon to even things up is a big mistake. I hear so many people say they carry this or that, from sprays to kubotans, to protect themselves.  As this fairly dated video shows unless you’ve got your self defence weapon in your hand already when the attack begins, you might as well forget it


Some common sense at last…….

More protection for householders – Yahoo! News UK

via More protection for householders – Yahoo! News UK.

wing chun chi sao

Chi sao today – coming along nicely









Thanks to one of my senior kung fu brothers I now have sissy grips on my knives!!! Before anyone says anything it seemed like a good idea at the time.

In all fairness the grips do make the knives much less slippery when your hands get sweaty and so add a lot more oomph to the various actions (meaning that my newly mounted tyre is taking a beating). On the downside because they’re more grippy they are more difficult to spin and twirl, but at least I’m not in danger of them slipping out of my hands at an inopportune moment and causing irreperable harm to both the house and my marriage.



I was doing some research for my latest project and came across some interesting stats in the British Crime Survey. Apparently 20% of violent incidents are likely to involve a weapon of some description. 6% of violent crimes are likely to involve a knife or other similar weapon. Of course these are only the reported numbers and they differ considerably from the numbers reported to police, but interestingly despite claims and counter claims the level of violent incidents has been constant for about the last five years. 20% or 1 in 5 is a seriously high number and if you’re training in martial arts for self protection it brings a whole new dimension.


Not Wing Chun but fak sao and spade palm target the same area and are delivered with as much force as you want. Don’t advise trying this at home, it’s a sure-fire way to damage your mates but it does show the effectiveness of targeting the vulnerable areas.

Classes this week have been great fun. I know everyone really enjoyed chi sau today and from the feedback, pressure testing the bong lap on thursday put a new perspective on things for a few students. Putting the head guards on lends a whole new dimension to the training even if they do restrict peripheral vision (and get very sweaty) and I know for a lot of folks it was a new experience knowing that the person in front of them was genuinely trying to hit them and take their head off. The chi sau is starting to come along nicely (even if some of it is a bit unorthodox!) and its great to see everyone making progress.