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Monthly Archives: July 2012

Hope everyone who came to training in Bromsgrove last night enjoyed it. The hall was surprisingly cool given how lovely and warm it was outside. It was great to see some of the chi sau starting to come togther and some of the footwork getting crisp and dynamic, but I cant believe how quickly the two hours went. The new members to the class realised I think last night that things aren’t quite as easy as they seem and I noticed by the end of the class that there was a new found appreciation for what the more advanced students in the room were doing. Of course the most lasting impression of the night will I’m sure be the demonstration of how effective tan sau can be against a hook. 10 out of 10 for my willing partner who gave it everything he had (the years of kick boxing meant it was a meaty one), I think it left a lasting impression on everyone who saw it….or felt it.


Whenever we teach new students some of the first things that we explain to them are how to do the basic punch and centre line theory. Most students who stay for any length of time can recite a good explanation of the centre line, indeed within Worcestershire Wing Chun Kuen and the other Midlands Wing Chun Kuen clubs we ask for an essay explaining it in the first assessment. Despite being such fundamental principles its amazing that a large proportion of Wing Chun practitioners display an abject disregard for these most basic tennets when training, playing chi sau or fighting; preffering instead to flail away with straight arms playing pat a cake.

At last night’s class we were exploring bong lap and tan da. After moving from drilling to application we finished the class by getting the headguards and gloves out to allow some light contact and it was great to see the penny drop for a lot of the guys and even better when one (yes you know who you are) declared in surprise that you can really feel the difference both as the deliverer and receiver when the shots are focused on the jic seen even with minimal power.

If you know the theory of how to punch and have been taught about the centre line, next time you’re training stop and think about the technique that you’re throwing and the range that you’re in. Of course if you aren’t wearing protective gear try not to smack your training partner in the teeth as its a sure fire way to lose friends.

Not Wing Chun but fak sao and spade palm target the same area and are delivered with as much force as you want. Don’t advise trying this at home, it’s a sure-fire way to damage your mates but it does show the effectiveness of targeting the vulnerable areas.