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Monthly Archives: June 2012

An old clip but still seriously funny – you attacked me wrong! LOL . Way too many martial arts classes and self defence courses are too close to this for comfort.



So Aaron Cook is taking his case to the court of arbitration for sport.Of course its not only the selection policy of British Taekwondo that has hit the headlines, the triathlon team has also been under the microscope but only in martial arts could the members of a governing body be so arrogant, biased and so small minded as to jeopardise the chances of success simply because someone has dared to do things differently and show up the gaps in their way of doing things. Real martial artists are constantly seeking ways to improve their own performance, real teachers and trainers are constantly looking for new ideas that can help to improve the performance of their students unfortunately this is typical of the behaviour of a certainĀ elementĀ in martial arts whose only interest is self interest and whose behaviour leads to division, stagnation and politics. Unfortunately this type of thing is all too common in what was once a noble past time.