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The Martial Arts show was a fun day out again spending time with kung fu brothers and sisters from across MWCK (and of course the odd bit of chi sau – thanks to both Steve’s) and getting up on stage helping sifu to do demos, everyone who saw the demos has commented positively about them and how they stood out in a good way. Some new equipment was purchased by a few people so there was bargain hunting going on. I guess its a sign of the times that the show appeared smaller than in previous years and I’m seriously questioning whether to go along to SENI  this year. On the plus side I got to read some issues of Wing Chun Illustrated and it looked pretty good, Sifu tells me that he has an article in it this month so that will be worth reading.

Anyway I’ve got some good video of the two demos we did on the saturday and I’ll post it asap, to go alongside the clips already on face book.


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