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I came across a blog about kicking in Wing Chun today that started out really promisingly by exploring Ip Man’s kicking ability and suggesting that it was a supporting argument for a rear weighted stance. Unfortunately it then went downhill rapidly by suggesting that Wing Chun kicking is difficult to do and even more difficult to apply. Having studied plenty of other kicking arts I’d have to say that the  Wing chun kicks are no more difficult than those of any other art to perform. They have to be learnt and are not as natural as for example a football kick but equally they are far easier to learn than hook kicks, back kicks etc. As for application,  the Wing Chun kicks are amongst the easiest to apply of any martial art. The fact that they are applied low level makes them instantly effective, that they are delivered close range makes them more suitable to real situations, and the striking surface being the heel makes damage to the foot unlikely. Add in to the mix the fact that Wing Chun kicks offer defensive cover as well as offensive power and you have a decidedly applicable set of kicking skills. Unfortunately the kicks in Wing Chun don’t look as attractive as the hands and training them can often be a painful experience (if your the one on the end of the kick) so as a result they are all too often neglected.


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  1. I love practicing any kicks, I just can’t get the height I would like.

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