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wing chun wall bag

end of the road

After many years of dutiful service my wall bag has finally given up! Having avoided the usual pitfalls of the eyelets ripping by buying one with sturdy D rings, or the back fraying away by hanging carpet on the wall behind it, or even the zip bursting by checking the zip quality, my trusty wall bag finally gave up this morning and ripped through on the front surface having worn away from repeated striking to the same spot. It’s a sad day as the wall bag comes down for the last time. On the up side, a new one is already on order and should be here within days, shiny and new and without the blood stains of its predecessor. Obviously I’ve got lots of other things to hit, so for the next few days the maize bag and the Bob will take some extra abuse. I am considering patching the bag with artificial leather, which should create a smoother striking surface and could extend the life of this trusty bit of kit by making it a class resource. Not sure my sewing skills will let me do a particularly good job though so I might have to rope in some help.


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