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resistance bands for wing chun

all the gear.....

After I posted the other day a few people have been asking questions about the resistance bands. The questions have ranged from how to use them to how do they attach to the door etc.I thought I’d answer a few of them so I took a quick photo on my phone. The weird things on the right that clip onto the bands are like a strap with a high density foam ring on the end. The strap goes under your door and the foam ring stays the other side and hey presto they are secured to your door. Of course it only works if the door in question opens away from the space that you are training in unless you have some very stout locks!The thing that looks like a handle on the left of the picture is in fact ….. a handle, so when I’m punching I place it in the palm of my hand and have the band running down the outside of my arm. The circular piece in the middle is an alternative to the handle and is a strap with strong velcro fixings. I use it for fastening around my ankles to train kicks.As for what I do with them – I punch and kick into the air and into the wall bag, I also punch the maize bag and Bob thing whilst using the bands. I’m still experimenting with them at the moment and am sure that I’ll find loads of ways to improve my elbow energy through dynamic and static resistance training. The important thing obviously is to make sure that you are applying force in the right direction and not lifting or pushing down which is why its cool to be able to connect them at the floor and line them up with the back of the arm. Of course my biggest challenge at the moment is finding time to train as much as I want to. Between forms training, bag work, the bands, the dummy and footwork drilling I could spend all day every day training if I wasn’t trying to earn a living as well. Here’s to winning the lottery……


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