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Following a conversation with another Wing Chun sifu I recently brought myself some rubber exercise bands to see if they would be any help with developing my punching speed and power (always looking for new things to try!). Obviously for anything to work you have to make time to use them and time is in short supply at the moment so I can’t report huge improvements yet, but from the few times that I have used them I love them. Unlike weights that put the resistance in the wrong direction the bands are great. If you anchor the bands to the base of a door and walk forward until the angle is correct for punching, you can punch with resistance along the line of the punch and all the way through the motion. Be warned if you’re thinking of getting some though as they aren’t cheap and will seriously damage your ego! You can move less than you might think through the full range of motion. Of course the beauty of the bands is that you can simply practice part of the range if you want to  as well so you can focus on developing power in the first inch or so of movement  and because they’re elastic you can be as explosive as you like. They seem to work really well in the same way for front kick but you have to be more careful about lining the angle up correctly as you don’t have your forearm to guide you. Now all I need to do is find time to fit in all the training I want to do!


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